Yoga for Beginners

The Power Yoga New York Experience

Whether you are brand new to yoga or simply new to our studio, from the moment you walk through the door you’ll  feel right at home.

Power Yoga New York is more than a yoga studio

It’s a space where people from all walks of life gather to experience community. Our studio is not about poses, pictures, or appearances. It’s about real people, life, and living. This is a place where friends meet and everyone feels included.

By the time you sign in for class, you will be welcomed, we will know your name, and you will be among friends. Once you get settled on your mat, you’ll know you have found a sane corner of the world where you can feel free to just be yourself.

We welcome everyone to our community and encourage you to develop a daily yoga practice that carries you into a life you love

  • Our yoga instructors teach physically challenging classes in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere to promote flexibility, strength, and balance in your body.
  • We offer All Levels Power, Power Flow, Power Beats, Power Fundamentals, and Yoga For Athletes classes. We encourage yogis to try all classes to develop a well-rounded practice.
  • All of our All Levels classes are heated to 80-90 degrees.
  • We offer private instruction for individuals, groups, and special events.
  • We offer one-on-one, in-class personal assistants who work with you to take you deeper in your practice.
  • We have dressing rooms, showers, and various amenities for primping & prepping.
  • Don’t sweat it if you forget your mat. We have rentals available here at the studio.
  • Our Studio is fully stocked with blocks and straps and anything else you might need for your practice.
  • Stay hydrated! All water throughout the studio is filtered, so bring your water bottle and fill up.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before class. Lay down your mat. Create your power.

What Do I Bring?

In addition to a yoga mat, towel, and plenty of water, be sure to bring an open mind and an open heart!

All classes are open to all levels. Check out our class schedule for the time that’s right for you and take the first step in moving your life to a new place of discovery.

Power Yoga Beginner Series:

As a student, you will learn the basic alignment and technique of the core 53 postures that compose an all levels Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga practice. You will learn breathing techniques and you will gain understanding to the progression of the 11-part series within a yoga class. Each class builds upon the other.

True North Alignment is the basis of all the poses practiced in Baptiste Yoga. It is a neutral and natural alignment that will bring about a lifetime of health and ease in your body. The effects of this powerful alignment are healing and deeply strengthening.

Five Pillars of Yoga are drishti – gaze, ujjayi – breath, foundation – hands, feet core; tapas – heat ; and vinyasa – flow. These have powerful meaning to yoga practice and in your entire life. They are mindful practices for everyday living.

Wednesdays 5:45 pm Saturdays 10 am

INVESTMENT: $99 for all 8 Classes or use your existing membership

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New Member Special

$45 Intro Month. 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga.

We are so sure you will love our community and your first experience at Power Yoga New York that we invite you to practice as much yoga as you want during your first 30 days for just $45. This offer is for New Members Only, and must be activated upon your first visit for it to apply.

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