Christmas reflection

Holiday cheers go out to all of you working on Christmas in hospitals, law enforcement, our armed forces, transportation and so many other 24/7 industries. Whether “it’s your turn” to work, you’re picking up OT, working for a co-worker who has young kids: we THANK YOU for your commitment to service. A true testament to the saying “think less, be more”. Think less about the holiday hype and be more of service to others shifts attention to love and kindness.

What I’ve discovered this season with our studio’s holiday challenge “think less, be more” is that it’s easy to shut the holiday’s out with excuses, blame the holiday’s sensationalism and get caught up with the hurried pace to hide and protect myself from missing loved ones no longer here.  The result – superficial celebration caused by the emotional wall to avoid natural deep sorrow; heart shrinking and drained from grief. We do what we need to do to manage the situation but sooner or later avoidance adds up to stress in the body that manifests in all direction. Yoga lessons off the mat teach me to experience the emotional energy and let it be. Feel what I feel and let it be. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The focus (drishti) on think less be more opens up a ton of reasons on what makes the season so joyous; heart opening with love and gratitude. Our freedom protected by outstanding men and women in the armed forces around the world, children’s imagination of Santa, family reunions, amends with friends, patients discharged home for Christmas, traditional Italian Christmas eve food and so much more when we think less and be more.