COMPLEMENTARY workshop Jan 6: Expand Your Power Open House

Join us this Saturday January 6 at 1 pm for our 2 hour COMPLEMENTARY workshop and sample what’s ahead with our Expand Your Power 200 hr training February-April . Whether you aspire to teach yoga powerfully or deepen your practice and leadership this training is for you. Be a yes for what you’re ready to make happen in your life, with your job, relationships and be for it! Register for the FREE workshop today!

Baptiste Yoga Expand Your Power 200 hour training starting February (right here in the Capital District) is more than learning how to teach a yoga class. In fact teaching yoga and leaning out from yoga classes are supplements out of the life changing transformation work you’ll do. If you’re reading this, you’re ready to stop auto pilot living and live life full on! Are you stuck on the same story and thinking habits? This training is a modality to enrich your life and relationships, move your job & profession to the next level and live an empowered life.

Still unsure if this is for you, well ask yourself: “are you ready to give up not being strong enough to make something happen or not good enough to step up to a new position or career”? Stop waiting for something else to happen in your life and make the changes and actions right now. Become a strong bold version of yourself in 2018 by accessing vitality, power and freedom through yoga, meditation and self-discovery!