Happy Nurses Day

Happy Nurses Day!

To all the extraordinary hardworking nurses, Happy Nurses Day! Florence is proud of what we’ve created and where we’re going! Take a moment and reflect your why of choosing this profession and what you’re most proud of. What’s your story and path to where you are now as a nurse?

Back in high school, about 11th grade (when you have to pick a career for the rest of your life) I chose to be a Dietitian. I worked in the hospital dietary department and became fascinated about the connection of food to health and wellness. Listening to the Dietitians talk about how nutrition contributed to different medications and disease processes in patient recovery absorbed all my attention. I jumped at the opportunity to go “up on the floors” to pick up menus & spend time with patients & their families. Being with patients for a short time was so rewarding. That’s when I made the decision to switch to nursing so I could be at the bedside longer.

Wide eyed and green as a novice nurse my lessons on all three shifts encompassed physician communication (especially calling a doctor in the middle of the night), expanding my skills and listening to and learning from patients and families  … the rewards were more abundant than anticipated.

One of my greatest memories and outstanding gifts are my mentors. Without them I wouldn’t be the nurse that I am today. At the time I thought they were strict, tough on us, old fashioned and stuck in their ways. Looking back, yes of course they were; those are methods used to create excellence and mastery. All were and are such strong highly skilled professionals and fierce advocates who taught me to place patients FIRST in whatever I do. Say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done, no excuse.

Those lessons still ring true today in nursing and life!