January 1, 2018 Resolve to Evolve practice 9:30 am

Join us in a New Year’s celebration of moving meditation as we express gratitude for the past year, and make way for a new cycle, full of possibility. This New Year’s Day practice is a statement of intention as you transition into a brand new year.

Yoga teaches us to accept ourselves the way we are & all our spectacular mistakes! Focusing on failure, screw ups & doubts is NOT our special skill. If we keep dragging all of it around it will only deepen sadness and close us out from life changing breakthroughs and transformation.   Take time to reflect on 2017 and notice if insecurity comes up around regrets as “I ought to have done this or that”. How can a new fresh intention move you to a yes in 2018 for something you really believe in? What simple things can you add to your life for more joy? What can you let go of, subtract out to lighten up and discover something new? Don’t settle for the Etch a Sketch switch over into the New Year. Instead shift your focus on a clear simple declaration and intention to navigate your path in 2018.